“Blue Whale Challenge” Is A Real Challenge of Our Society?

What is Mobile Game is doing? Does it spoil our youth? Affecting the brain of your children? Damaging the eyes of our new generation? Or else provoking our teens to commit suicide?


Now the question arises then, “Why the game is the world No.1 entertainment industry?” If it is so harmful then, “why this industry is not yet banned by the government?”

Honestly, If we notice the mobile game is becoming very popular in e-learning, it improve the intellectual level of our kids, bringing the new revolution in the education system, it makes people stress free, being the companion of the people who are alone, enhance the concentration level, not only that it helps to train the employee of an organization as well becoming the part of awareness program. Now with VR/ AR, we can get the touch of reality through our mobile in this busy world.

In last few days, Blue whale Game becomes a very known word for us, but very few of us know, “What this game is all about?” Why is it targeting teens only? Where is our fault as parents? Does society is responsible for the this? So many questions arise in our mind but now we need to face the situation in spite of blaming each other. We always try to hide erroneous things but hiding anything increase the curiosity among us, hence we need awareness to find out the solution.


It’s an appeal to the Games forum, to come forward with the solution, as well as a request to all the game stores please study the games in details before uploading it to the store. Some parental responsibilities are there, don’t let you, child, to feel alone. Support them always if they are wrong also because they need more support when they are wrong and your support can only give them that much of strength to convert wrong into right.

Hence, let’s change our perspective, so no wrong things can affect our lives. Life is very Precious so never end it like this.


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